Estelle Codier, Ph.D.

member emotional intelligence consortium

Affiliation: University of Hawaii in Oahu


Estelle Codier is an Associate Professor at the University of Hawaii in Oahu, Hawaii and an Honorary Research fellow at the University of Stravenger, Norway. Dr. Codier has a Doctorate from the University of Hawaii, Manoa as well as a masters degree from The Catholic University of America and an undergraduate degree from The American University.

Dr. Codier’s research interest is on workforce applications of emotional intelligence within the health care sector. Her doctoral dissertation provided the first evidence that measured emotional intelligence ability correlated with performance in clinical nursing practice. This finding was validated by a larger replication study that also demonstrated a correlation between measured EI ability and retention in clinical nurses. Dr. Codier’s further research has focused on EI abilities as they related to gender, learning styles, generational differences, the impact of education on EI and interventions in the health care setting designed to develop EI ability. These studies examine interdisciplinary practice, peer coaching, and EI rounds.

Dr. Codier has presented her research at over a dozen national and international venues, including the National Conference on EI in Higher Education at Georgetown University and the International EI Conference in 2008. Most recently, she guest edited the first issue of a nursing journal dedicated entirely to nursing research on emotional intelligence.  Asia Pacific Journal of Oncology Nursing. 2(2).


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