Stuart Kantor, Ph.D.

Affiliation: Kantor Consulting Associates


Stu is a licensed clinical and consulting psychologist with more than twenty years of experience helping people and organizations change. His work is anchored in the ‘Interpersonal’ approach to human development, a dynamic psychoanalytic stance with emphasis on the direct, pragmatic, collaborative dimension of change relationships. He specializes in executive coaching for leadership development, senior team alignment and organizational change management.

As a professional coach Stu has worked with executives from a broad array of industries, ranging from global financial service firms to the US Marine Corp. Recent clients include Thomson Reuters, UBS, McGraw Hill, Lincoln Financial, Coach, Wework and Guggenheim Investments. Coaching engagements range from CEO's, Divisional Presidents, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Human Resource Officers, Chief Strategy Officers, etc.

Throughout his career, Stu has actively promoted social and emotional learning in organizations. He has served as a Director of Clinical Services at The William Alanson White Institute in NYC and Director of the Workplace Consulting Group of the Project for Social and Emotional Learning at Columbia University. He is an active member of Dan Goleman’s Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence and recently published an article on "Executive Adaptability" for the Center for Creative Leadership.

Stu began his liberal arts education at the University of Virginia and received his B.A. in Psychology from the University of Michigan. He completed his Ph.D. in Psychology at Case Western Reserve University and went on to a post-doctoral fellowship at The Menninger Foundation in Topeka, Kansas. He received his Certificate in Psychoanalysis from the William Alanson White Institute in New York City in 1984, where he serves as an analytic supervisor. He co-founded Red Oak Consulting in 1997, sold Red Oak to Malcolm Pirnie, Inc in 2000 and launched a professional executive development firm, Kantor Consulting Associates, in 2000.







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