Gail Kinman, Ph.D.

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Affiliation: University of Bedfordshire


Dr. Gail Kinman is Professor of Occupational Health Psychology at the University of Bedfordshire, UK. She is a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Dr. Kinman received her doctorate from the University of Hertfordshire, UK for a dissertation that examined well-being and work-life balance in academic employees working in UK universities. Her primary research interests focus on how work-related stress, work-life conflict, emotional labour and emotional intelligence influence the wellbeing of people working in emotionally demanding jobs. Dr. Kinman is currently working with groups of health and social care professionals (such as social workers and nurses) to investigate the factors individual difference and organisational factors that underpin emotional intelligence. She is currently working with Dr. Louise Grant (also of the University of Bedfordshire) to evaluate the impact of a variety of interventions to enhance emotional intelligence, resilience and wellbeing in these groups.  Dr. Kinman is also investigating the role played by emotional self efficacy, self compassion and compassion fatigue in wellbeing in the ‘helping’ professions. She has published numerous journal articles and written several book chapters on these topics. Dr. Kinman’s work is regularly presented at national and international conferences and featured in the national and international press. She is co-chair of the British Psychological Society’s Work-life Balance Working Group and speakers regularly on behalf of the Society to radio, newspaper and magazine journalists.

Articles and Book Chapters

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