Ben Palmer, Ph.D.

member emotional intelligence consortium

Affiliation: Genos International


Ben is the Chief Executive Officer of Genos International, a business that specializes in the assessment and development of emotional intelligence, employee engagement and motivation. He is an experienced entrepreneur having grown an integrated product and service firm now operating in Australia and the US, with distribution channels across Europe, India, China, South Africa, South East Asia and New Zealand. Ben is also an experienced consultant having worked with a large number of blue chip organizations in professional services, banking and finance, pharmaceutical, hospitality and the airline industry. His consulting expertise lies in the areas of sales growth, talent attraction, talent development and culture change. In his experience at Genos Ben has raised growth capital, negotiated joint ventures and demonstrated success in driving revenue and profit growth via sales and business model improvement.  Ben also has strong general management capabilities with strong talent attraction and development experience. 
Ben has a background in psychology having a finished a PhD at Swinburne University in Melbourne Australia where he developed the first Australian assessment of emotional intelligence designed specifically for workplace applications. He has an extensive publication list in the area, has been invited to contribute chapters to books and guest edit special issues of journals on the topic. His research has also attracted considerable attention locally witnessed by awards such as the Richard Pratt Scholarship, an Australian Postgraduate Award, and a PhD Thesis-Excellence award. Outside of work, Ben enjoys wine-tasting, political discussions and a game of tennis whenever work allows.  With a keen interest in people and culture, Ben is also an avid international traveler.

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