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Leadership Development Research Centre (GLEAD)

The Centre works to deepen the understanding of leadership and the social and emotional intelligence competencies that support it.

The mission and research agenda of the Centre is centered on a belief that leadership is most effective when leaders:

- Exhibit a sense of self awareness and a desire to learn and grow. Develop resonant relationships that inspire others to learn and grow.
- Create a sense of well-being and trust around them.
- Activate human potential by focusing on the strengths, dreams, and unique capabilities of others.

The Centre seek to unlock the mysteries of leadership and leadership development through research on:              

- The role that emotional and social intelligence competencies (ESCs) play in effective leadership
- The process by which leaders leverage and develop ESCs based on Intentional Change Theory.
- ESCs of effective entrepreneurs and how best to identify and develop entrepreneurs.
- How best to measure leadership capabilities using surveys, simulations, and assessment centre-based methodologies.

GLEAD actively collaborates with faculty and universities around the world including, Case Western Reserve University, University of New Hampshire, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, and ESMT European School of Management and Technology. The GLEAD also works closely with the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations and has more active members of the Consortium than any other research group in the world, making it an ideal choice for students interested in conducting research on emotional intelligence.

Weatherhead School of Management - PhD Program in Organizational Behavior

The program approaches the study of organizational behavior from the perspective of human possibility, with a special concern for the dynamics and processes of development and for creating new knowledge of individual, group, and organizational processes of learning, development and transformation.

The philosophy of the Organizational Behavior Department is rooted in human values. These values guide our behavior as we strive to enhance research, learning and academic excellence amidst the demands and complexities of everyday life. They also reflect the spirit of connectedness among us that gives life to the doctoral learning community as a whole. The following guiding ideas represent our aspirations and our community at our best:

- Knowledge of consequence
- Methodological rigor and variety
- The life of the mind
- A community of inquiry
- Whole person development
- A deep value for diversity and inclusion
- Academic innovation and excellence

Recipients of the PhD in Organizational Behavior have taken positions in leading universities and research institutions such as the London School of Business, Columbia University, Stanford University, and the Naval Post-Graduate School.





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