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Workshops and Seminars by EI Consortium Members
Below is a listing of educational and training opportunities offered by members of the Consortium. We are providing this information as a service to our visitors. Inclusion of a listing does not constitute an endorsement by the EI Consortium.

The 2017 World EQ Summit

Dialogue with the Leading Emotional Intelligence Experts

November 2017

Dubai 18th-20th | Mumbai 23rd-24th

Join global experts at the forefront of emotional intelligence practice for Organisations, Teams, Schools and Families.

Sieze this rare opportunity to connect with renowned practitioners and scholars with decades of proven experience developing and applying emotional intelligence around the world. Gain vital insights into the learnable, measurable, scientific skills of emotional intelligence and how they create value. Discover the latest research, break-through tools, case studies and proven best practices for EQ.

Join and share in proven approaches for putting EQ into action to increase effectiveness, improve wellbeing, strengthen relationships and improve quality of life.

Emotional and social competency inventory (ESCI) accreditation program

Become accredited to use the Goleman, Boyatzis and Hay Group renowned feedback tool - the emotional and social competency inventory (ESCI).

This two day course gives you the chance to become accredited to use our renowned feedback tool, the emotional and social competency inventory (ESCI). Developed with the acknowledged world expert Dr. Daniel Goleman, the course is everything we know about delivering emotional intelligence feedback in a nutshell. With Daniel Goleman's help we've designed a course for development and coaching professionals who want to help their clients (internal or external) become more effective colleagues and leaders.
During the course you'll learn more about the concept of emotional intelligence and how to deliver ESCI feedback.

Certification programs in the U.S. Click here for more info.

Dates - 2 Day Program


September 26-27, 2017

San Francisco, CA









Conference Dates: July 19-21, 2017
Location: Porto, Portugal

The 6th International Congress on Emotional Intelligence will be held in Porto Portugal from July 19-21, 2017.  Join a global community of scholars, researchers, consultants, educators and clinicians who share a focus on emotional intelligence. See top experts in the field present the most current advances of EI theory, research and applications.  Participate in international symposia of developing trends and issues. Sign up for specialized training at the preconference workshops and network with multi-disciplinary professionals while enjoying the beautiful city of Porto.    

Abstract Submissions must be received by January 8, 2017
Early registration by March 15, 2017
Deadline for registration by May 31, 2017

For more information visit the website at:





Genos EI Certification Program
Genos’ thought-provoking Emotional Intelligence Certification Program provides opportunities for personal and professional growth, equipping you with a suite of products and techniques to expand your current capabilities. Our comprehensive three-day certification course explores the measurement and development of workplace EQ at an individual, group and organizational level.

See our Emotional Intelligence Certification section for more information on the format and learning outcomes for this program. Dates and locations are listed below.

Dates - 2 Day Program


September 6-7, 2017

Melbourne, Australia

September 13-14, 2017

Sydney, Australia

November 15-16, 2017

Melbourne, Australia

November 22-23, 2017

Sydney, Australia

Dates - 1 Day Program


September 12, 2017

Sydney, Australia

September 26, 2017

Melbourne, Australia

October 24, 2017

Brisbane, Australia









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