Anamika Sharma, PhD

Affiliation: Founder and Chief Consultant, Psy-Fi People Advisory and Consulting Services, Gurgaon, INDIA


Dr. Anamika Sharma is an astute psychologist and a behavioral scientist with a proven track record of delivering organizational transformation solutions and designing psychometric assessments. She is currently managing a boutique consulting firm Psy-Fi People Advisory and Consulting Services, Gurgaon providing bespoke solutions to her clients in the field of psychometrics and behavioral interventions on Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Leadership Effectiveness, Executive Coaching, Well-Being, Personal Effectiveness, and Motivation for increasing organizational effectiveness and managing cultural transformation and enabling the leadership teams lead the next generation challenges.

Dr. Anamika Sharma has an extensive experience of more than 17 years while consulting for more than 400 companies across the globe in education, hospitality, FMCG, Pharma, BFSI, Consulting and recently served as Chief Psychometrician and Head, Consulting Practices for Mettl- an online assessment platform before starting her own venture, Psy-Fi People Advisory and Consulting Services, Gurgaon (INDIA) in September 2016. She has been instrumental in consulting, authoring, conceptualizing, designing and standardizing more than 50 generic and role specific psychometric assessments in various regional and international languages. She is a certified practitioner for international tools like Hogan Assessments, Thomas Profiling, 16PF apart from having a rich experience in designing and standardizing psychometric assessments. She is adept at observing and analyzing human behavior in various contexts and has led efforts in creating human capital through advisory and consulting services for several Fortune 500 organizations.

She is passionate about enabling businesses derive the most strategic value in increased organizational effectiveness. Her focus is on partnering with organizations and helping them leverage assessments and behavioral interventions to engage meaningfully with their practices at a massive scale, providing solutions to measure and manage the intangible human behavior through tangible measures across the entire human life cycle.

Apart from her expertise in the field of psychology, she is a passionate writer and has various national and international research papers, articles and books to her credit.

Publications/ Presentations/ Participations:

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