Vaibhav Birwatkar, Ph.D.

Affiliation: Behavior Education Services Team, California


Dr. Vaibhav is currently working as MD (Europe and India) at Behavior Education Services Team. He embarked on his MBA in HRM and PhD in Management. He is also pursuing his post doctoral research at Universitatea Pedagogica de Stat 'Ion Creanga', Chisinau and through qualitative research, findings will suggest that the development of a leader’s emotional intelligence is important in establishing strong organizational culture which consecutively enhances organizational performance.

During his PhD, he developed a communication model towards systematically understanding and applying emotional intelligence in developing managerial leadership in the corporate sector. He has tremendous interest in and passion for exploration in the area of emotional intelligence and organizational development and has conducted several MDPs presenting the importance of emotional intelligence and how organizations can become more productive by offering opportunities to enhance emotional intelligence skills in the workplace targeting top and middle level managers.

He is a highly experienced and results focused business management specialist with more than 16 years of experience in strategic role including experience in talent acquisition and retention, learning and development, performance management system, competency mapping. He has brainstormed difficult conceptual problems in behavioral intervention and also has developed cutting edge knowledge regarding emotional psychology. He is currently creating a research and technology development (RTD) platform for harnessing existing and emerging technologies to effectively develop and deliver behavior-based artificial intelligence in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) technology solutions.

He has published widely in the research area of emotional intelligence in leading international journals. His book titled “Echoes of Emotions in Organizational Learning” offers great tips that build the “emotional immunity”, which leads to better relationships, work performance, and physical well-being. The value of this book is in the fact that it enables an individual to apply the things they know in their everyday life. It offers a practical guide based on research and real-life examples.

Additionally, he is on the expert panel of PhD program at IIC University of Technology, Cambodia, Regional Director (India), at Human Behavior Academy, UK, on the board of Alma Mater Europaea of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts Center, Serbia.


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