Shama V. Kadadi, Ph.D

Affiliation: Hirachand Nemchand College of Commerce


Dr. Shama Kadadi is presently Assistant Professor at the Department of Management Studies, Hirachand Nemchand College of Commerce, Solapur, India. Earlier she worked as a faculty in KLE’s CBALC, Belagavi. She has been teaching for management students more than 15 years. She holds her Ph.D. degree from the Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belagavi, on the topic “A study on Impact of Physicians’ Emotional Intelligence on Patient Satisfaction”. She obtained her Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from KLE’s Institute of Management Studies and Research, Hubballi.

Dr. Shama is the author of the book “Emotional Intelligence”- Encompassing Your Skill Set and published on February, 2020. She has carried out her research work in emotional intelligence in healthcare, subjective wellbeing, customer satisfaction and quality of work-life. She has published and presented paper in various national and international journals and conferences. Dr. Shama is a research supervisor/Ph. D. guide VTU, Belagavi, and also supervised many postgraduate and undergraduate research projects in emotional intelligence, organizational behavior and consumer behavior. Her area of interest includes emotional intelligence, consumer behavior, business statistics, research methodology and digital marketing. She has imparted training on emotional intelligence, motivation and self-development, digital marketing for management and engineering students.

Selected Articles

Kadadi. S. V., Kadadi, S. S., Chakote, S., & Ligade, R. M. (2021). Impact of Individuals’ Emotional Intelligence on Subjective Wellbeing during Covid-19 Pandemic. Nat. Volatiles & Essent. Oils, 8 (5), 11623-11635.

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Bharamanaikar, S. R & Kadadi. S. V. (2015). A Study on Impact of Physician’s Emotional Intelligence on Patient Satisfaction. (Proceedings Published)






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