Dr. Bobby Moore

Affiliation: EPIC Impact education Group
Email: bmoore@battelleforkids.org


Dr. Bobby Moore began his career in the classroom, teaching at the middle school, high school, and post-secondary levels. Moore is also a former principal, superintendent, and senior director for the national not-for profit organization Battelle for Kids (BFK). His career in education and his work at BFK have been dedicated to inspiring and motivating educators through collaboration, professional development, innovation, and a laser-like focus on ensuring that all students reach their fullest potential. Dr. Moore’s ability to provide thought leadership, strategize, build relationships, develop talent, and deliver high quality professional learning has allowed him the opportunity to experience much success as a school leader. In 2007, he was one of only four secondary principals in the state of Ohio originally selected to serve on the Governor’s Institute on Creativity and Innovation in Education for Ohio to help generate ideas for reforming education in Ohio.

During his tenure as principal, Canaan Middle School, received both state and national recognition for outstanding student achievement, value-added growth, and meeting the emotional and social needs of students. After leaving Canaan Middle School to be a superintendent in another district, Dr. Moore was able to apply what he refers to as “the same middle school support structures” he implemented at Canaan Middle School throughout an entire district. In just two years, the district received the highest rating for achievement in the state, including the honor of “Distinction,” and ranked among the best in student growth data among all districts in Ohio.

After approximately 25 years in education and six years at Battelle for Kids, Dr. Moore is the founder, president and CEO of the EPIC Impact Education Group. EPIC Impact Education Group was founded to provide strategic counsel and partner with national and state organizations, education associations and businesses, as well as urban, rural, suburban and community schools to leverage strengths, accelerate growth, and increase efficiencies for maximum impact. Dr. Moore is a keynote speaker and author of several published professional journals and the book Inspire, Motivate, Collaborate. When not helping schools across the country or speaking at conferences, you may find Bobby traveling the world skiing, biking, or hiking. You can follow Bobby on twitter @DrBobbyMoore for relevant blogs and to follow the adventures of his famous dog, Bode.

Sample Publications

Moore, B. (2009, Summer). Emotional intelligence for school administrators: A priority for school reform? American Secondary Education, 37(3), 20-28.

Moore, B. (2009). Inspire, motivate, collaborate: Leading with emotional intelligence.
Westerville, Ohio: National Middle School Association.

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Moore, B. (2007).The emotional intelligence coaching of school administrators: A comparative case study. Unpublished dissertation.  Ashland University, Ashland, Ohio.

Sample Presentations

Courageous Leadership and Leading Change. Presented at the Innovated Learning Environments Conference. Columbus, Ohio. (August, 2010).

Inspire. Motivate. Collaborate. Presented at the National Middle School Association National Conference. Indianapolis, Indiana. (November, 2009).

From Staff Compliance to Staff Commitment. Presented at the National Schools to Watch Conference, Washington, D.C. (June, 2009).

The Emotional Intelligence Coaching of School Administrators: A Cross Case Analysis.   Paper presented at the First Annual International Emotional Intelligence Conference in Malaga, Spain. (September, 2007).







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