Mouran Ali Eissa, Ph.D.

member emotional intelligence consortium

Affiliation: Zagazig University


MOURAD ALI EISSA  is the head of the centre of quality and accreditation . He received his Ph.D.  and M.A  in cognitive psychology from Zagazig university and his B.S. degree in English teaching from Kafr El sheikh university.

Dr MOURAD has authored/ co-authored 38 books , including a series of 12 book investigating special needs learners'  processing patterns , or " how the special needs brain learns" . He is widely known for work exploring the use of educational technology to support learning for students with learning disabilities.

He is currently engaged in projects regarding the development of emotional intelligence in school principals . As for books , he published three books ( in Arabic language ), and co-edited a book entitled, Emotional Intelligence: Perspectives on educational and positive psychology, with Jerrill Cassady of Ball state university, in addition to some other book chapters and journal articles. 


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Fathi AbdulHamid, A. &  Mourad , A. (In preparation). Testing the effectiveness of a program for developing emotional awareness in elementary school children.

Book Chapters

Mourad , A. & Waleed El Said (In press ). Emotional Intelligence and Self-Efficacy as Predictorys of Job Stress Among Elementary School Teachers in Egypt, In J. Cassady, & A. Mourad (Eds), Emotional  Intelligence: perspectives on educational  and positive psychology.

Mourad , A. & Cassady , J . (In press ) Making the Most of Emotional Experiences  . In J. Cassady & A. Mourad (Eds), Emotional Intelligence: perspectives on educational  and positive  psychology.







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