Dr. Anjana Sen

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Affiliation: Emotional Intelligence the Third Eye


Physician, Author, Emotional Intelligence Coach and Workshop Facilitator, Anjana Sen has taken up the mission of creating awareness about development of  Emotional Intelligence,  to Maximize Personal Power, Minimize Stress and attain Positive Health. She has been working in the field of Emotional Intelligence since 2004 and has established a Personal Coaching (Life Coach) facility in 2014 after settling down in New Delhi, India. She has particular interest in Neuroleadership, Emotional Intelligence in Healthcare and in Adolescent Health.

Anjana graduated from Lady Hardinge Medical College in 1978 and obtained Post Graduate Diploma in Ophthalmology in 1982, from Delhi University. She worked in Clinical Internal Medicine from 1980 to 2004, was employed as Medical Officer with the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, a pan India Public Sector Organization  between 1985-2004 following which she continues as Consultant, Coach  and Workshop Facilitator for programs in Emotional Intelligence.

She is one of the Founding Members of the Forum for Emotional Intelligence Learning [FEIL] in Mumbai, India.  http://ifeil.org/index.php/about-feil/founder-members

Six Seconds has certified Dr Anjana Sen as trainer Associate  http://www.6seconds.org/cert/profile/view/anjana-sen
Her first publication is a book in the genre of self-development titled ‘Get the Ego Advantage!’ published by Sage 2006 Delhi, with cartoons drawn by the author. Academic publications are listed below.

Journal Articles

Sen Anjana, Emotional Intelligence; The Sweet Spot of Management Education – All India Management Association [AIMA] Journal for Management and Research. AJMR - online registered journal of AIMA ISSN:0974 – 497, November 2012   Volume:6   Issue:4/4 of AJMR.

Sen Anjana, Dharma Concepts in Emotional Intelligence – Vision – Journal of Business Perspective, Sage  Publications May 2012 DOI:10.1177/097226291201600202, Vol 16 No 2 page 93-99

Sen Anjana, Developing Ambidextrous, Connected and Mindful Brains for Contemporary Leadership- IJBIT (International Journal of Business Insights and Transformation) Volume 3, Issue 2, April to September 2010, Mumbai pg 103 – 111

Sen Anjana, Maximize Potential – Use Emotional Intelligence –BVIMSR’s Journal of Management Research July 2009, Mumbai, Vol 1, No 2, pg 225-232

Sen Anjana, Ego Boundaries that Cross Borders – International Journal of Business Insights and Transformation April 2009, Mumbai, ISSN 0974-5874 Vol 2, No 2, pg 104-108

Sen Anjana, Chemistry of Challenge and when it Morphs into Stress – Business Analyst Oct 2008, Delhi ISSN 0973-211X Vol 3, No 1, pg 84-99

Sen Anjana, Neurology of Emotional Intelligence Interpreted for Managers – Vision (special issue on Emotional Intelligence)Sage Journal of Business Perspective 2008 Delhi. ISSN 0972-2629 Vol 12 No 1 Jan-Mar 2008 pg 11-18

Screen Play
Brainstorm / Adventure Ahead (2009)– A Screenplay for Animation Feature Film about an adventure inside a teenaged brain. Concept and original screenplay by Dr Anjana Sen, is presently under development

Book Chapter
Sen Anjana, Effect of Meditation on the Brain with implications for Emotional Intelligence – Emotional Intelligence and Leadership - Better Work and Learning Environment, edited by Shamira Soren Malekar, Excel Books 2011 Delhi pg 232-238, ISBN: 978-81-7446-902-1

Conference Presentations
Nurturing Ultraspecial Senses in Future Leaders, Poster Presentation World Association of Social Psychiatry [WASP] 50 years Jubilee Conference on 13-15 November 2014 London UK

Emotional Intelligence; The Sweet Spot of Management Education, All India Management Association  [AIMA,s] 6th National Research Conference on ‘Transforming Management Education for Sustainable Tomorrow’ 6th to 7th January 2012, New Delhi, India

Facilitating Creativity in the Brain –National Conference on Innovation in Business and Technology : New Strides,– 20th February 2011 SMS Varanasi, India










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