Mark Slaski, Ph.D.

member emotional intelligence consortium

Affiliation: University of Hertfordshire, UK


Mark Slaski, Ph.D., is a Consulting Psychologist and a Senior Lecturer in Organisational Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK. His main research interests surround the application of emotional intelligence in organisations, and particularly the relationship between EI, leadership, management performance, well-being and organisational culture. He has published work on the assessment of EI measures; evaluation of an EI development program; and the moderating effects of EI on stress and health. In particular his work with retail managers has demonstrated the effectiveness of developing emotional intelligence, and the positive impact such development has on performance, well-being and health.

As a Consultant he has presented at a number of conferences, advised major companies on the role of emotional intelligence in the workplace, and delivered numerous EI development programs. In addition, he has used EI models for coaching senior managers and business leaders.


A former British Army officer, Mark has also held positions in management and marketing. He received his M.Sc. in Organisational Psychology, and completed his Ph.D., at the Manchester School of Management (UMIST).

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Book Chapters

Slaski. M. & Bardzil. P. (2002) Emotional Intelligence: Fundamental Competencies for Enhanced Service Provision. In S. Tax et al (Eds.) ‘Quality in Service: Crossing Borders’. University of Victoria, Victoria BC. pp. 3-6 (ISBN: 1-55058-252-6)







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