Richard Vardaris, Ph.D.

member emotional intelligence consortium

Affiliation: Kent State University


Richard Vardaris received his BA degree in Research Psychology from Case Western Reserve University. He earned the degrees of MS and PhD in Medical Psychology from the University of Oregon. After graduate school, he pursued a long and productive career in teaching and basic research in the Department of Psychology at Kent State University, where he currently serves as Professor Emeritus. His current teaching efforts are in Emotional Intelligence workshops at Kent State as well as Emotional Intelligence, General Studies, and Health Sciences at the University of Phoenix. Currently he serves as Chief Operational Officer for BrainViews, Ltd., a publisher of multimedia aids for education in the Neurosciences. As President of RMV Consulting, Ltd., and Director of Organizational Effectiveness Services at Lekan & Associates, he has consulted extensively on Emotional Intelligence in the management of organizations, with local and multinational firms. His special expertise lies in the areas of developing EI through training and coaching, design of organizational competence architectures, statistical data analysis for total quality and organizational effectiveness, written communication in organizations, and organizational management effectiveness.







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