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University of Barcelona
The University of Barcelona offers a Postgraduate on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations which stated in 2008 and covers areas such as conceptual frameworks of emotion, models of emotional intelligence and social and emotional competencies, group level emotional intelligence, techniques for developing emotional intelligence, and leading with emotional intelligence. Class sessions are eminently practical and apply introspection activities, group dynamics, role playing, simulations, games, case studies, etc.   Additionally, students are placed in applied settings to apply what they have learned in the program. Click here for additional information.

Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning
Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) is an international collaborative of educators, scientists, policy makers, foundations, and concerned citizens promoting social and emotional education and development in schools.

This site contains information about Dr. Goleman's publications and provides a forum for discussing topics related to EI.

This site is funded by the George Lucas Foundation and distributes a considerable amount of information for educators, including information on EI and on social and emotional learning.

ESADE - Leadership Development Research Centre
The Leadership Development Research Centre is based in the Management Sciences program at ESADE (Ramon Llull University) Barcelona, Spain. The primary purpose of the Centre is to create insight into the mysteries of leadership. Effective leadership activates human and social capital. In pursuit of this goal, the Centre seeks to better understand how emotional and social intelligence competencies can be effectively assessed and developed in individuals, teams and organizations.  The Centre works directly with several members of the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence, including Drs. Richard Boyatzis, Joan Manuel Batista Foguet, Vanessa Druskat, and Robert Emmerling.

EMONET was established in January, 1997. It's purpose is to facilitate scholarly discussion of all matters relating to the study of emotion in organizational settings. EMONET is a restricted list. All subscription requests must first go to Neal Ashkanasy for authorization.

Emotional Intelligence Information

This site hosted by the University of New Hampshire provides an excellent resource for information on the 4-branch model of emotional intelligence as proposed by John Mayer and his colleagues. The site also offers links to full-text articles written by Dr. Mayer and his colleagues as well as information about the Mayer, Salovey, Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT).

Emotionally Intelligent Schools
Emotionally Intelligent Schools (EIS) is dedicated to enhancing the professional and personal lives of school administrators, teachers, and students by providing evidence-based and field-tested training programs to schools. This site is developed by Marc Brackett and provides information about social and emotional programs for school systems.

Geneva Emotion Group
The Geneva Emotion Group maintains a site that disseminates considerable information relevant to emotions and to emotional knowledge.

Health, Emotion and Behavior Laboratory
The Health, Emotion, and Behavior (HEB) Laboratory (Dr. Peter Salovey, Director; Dr. Marc Brackett, Associate Director) is housed in the department of psychology at Yale University. The mission of the HEB Lab is to translate psychological science into action. The HEB Lab focuses on emotional skills and competencies, health cognition and health behavior, and the interactions among these areas of study. Drs. Salovey and Brackett's scholarly articles on EI can be downloaded from this website.

Mind Life Institute
The purpose of the Mind Life Institute is to promote the creation of a contemplative, compassionate, and rigorous experimental and experiential science of the mind which could guide and inform medicine, neuroscience, psychology, education and human development. The Institute is dedicated to fostering dialogue and research at the highest possible level between modern science and the great living contemplative traditions, especially Buddhism. It builds on a deep commitment to the power and value of both of these ways of advancing knowledge and their potential to alleviate suffering. It realizes its mission through a range of inter-related activities.

National School Climate Center (Formely the Center for Social and Emotional Education)
NSCC's vision is that all children will develop the essential social, emotional and intellectual skills to become healthy and productive citizens. NSCC's mission is to measure and improve the climate for learning in schools to help children realize their fullest potential as individuals and as engaged members of society. The NSCC is an is an international teaching and learning center devoted to educating a critical mass of social, emotional and academic teachers/learners to infuse SEL into P-12 school life.

This web site provides information on the work of Dr. Reuven BarOn and his model of Emotional-Social Intelligence. An additional aim of the site is to provide a platform for discussing aspects of emotional-social intelligence the site visitor wishes to discuss, including the Bar-On model versus other approaches to describing, studying and applying this construct.

Rutgers University, Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology
The Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology GSAPP is the administrative home of The Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations. Much of the research of the Consortium is conducted by faculty, students, and alumni of (GSAPP). GSAPP offers doctoral level programs in Clinical and School Psychology.

The Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Alliance for Massachusetts (SAM)

The Social Emotional Learning Alliance for Massachusetts works to help all young people succeed socially, emotionally and academically by advancing and supporting effective social and emotional learning programs, policies and practices in all schools and communities in Massachusetts.

The Society for Industrial / Organizational Psychology (SIOP)
The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology is a Division within APA that is also an organizational affiliate of APS. The Society's goal is to promote human welfare through the various applications of psychology to all types of organizations providing goods and services, such as manufacturing concerns, commercial enterprises, labor unions or trade associations, and public agencies. The purposes of the Society are scientific, professional, and educational and not for profit.

Psychology.org Psychology Degree Series
The foilowing links from Psychology.org serve to provide an overview of careers and licensure in the field of Industrial - Organizational Psychology.

Industrial-Organizational Psychology Careershttps://www.psychology.org/careers/industrial-organizational-psychologist/

Guide to Psychology Licensure in your state: https://www.psychology.org/








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